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Best Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone: Protecting Your Privacy in Style in 2023

    Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone

    A privacy screen protector is a great way to protect your personal information from prying eyes. When you’re using your phone or laptop in public, anyone can see what you’re doing if they’re standing behind you.

    A privacy screen protector blocks the view of your screen from anyone who is not directly in front of it. This means that you can use your device without worrying about someone reading your emails, browsing history, or other personal information.

    In this article, we will explore the top-rated privacy screen protectors available for iPhone, highlighting their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

    What is a Privacy Screen Protector?

    A privacy screen protector is a specialized accessory designed to shield your iPhone’s screen from prying eyes. It features a unique technology that limits the viewing angle, ensuring that the screen content is only visible to the person directly in front of it. By reducing the visibility from side angles, privacy screen protectors help protect sensitive information from being viewed by unauthorized individuals.

    How Does a Privacy Screen Protector Work?

    Privacy screen protectors incorporate a polarized film or micro-louver technology. These technologies restrict the viewing angle and darken the screen when viewed from the sides, making it challenging for others to see the content displayed on your iPhone. The screen appears clear and visible when viewed head-on, ensuring that your private information remains confidential.

    Advantages of Privacy Screen Protectors:

    1. Privacy Protection: The primary advantage of a privacy screen protector is its ability to safeguard your personal and confidential information. By limiting the viewing angle, it prevents prying eyes from accessing sensitive data, protecting your privacy in public spaces.
    2. Screen Protection: Privacy screen protectors also offer the same benefits as regular screen protectors. They provide an additional layer of protection against scratches, smudges, and cracks, helping to preserve the integrity of your iPhone’s display.
    3. Ease of Use: Privacy screen protectors are easy to apply and remove. Most high-quality protectors are designed to fit seamlessly on your iPhone’s screen, ensuring a bubble-free installation and a smooth touch experience.

    Disadvantages of Privacy Screen Protectors:

    1. Limited Viewing Angle: The primary drawback of privacy screen protectors is their restricted viewing angle. While this is a necessary feature for privacy, it can sometimes be inconvenient when you want to share your screen with others or view content from different angles.
    2. Impact on Brightness and Clarity: Privacy screen protectors may slightly reduce the brightness and clarity of your iPhone’s screen compared to regular screen protectors. However, advancements in technology have significantly minimized this issue in most high-quality privacy screen protectors.

    Now let’s explore 5 Best Privacy Screen Protectors for iPhone:

    Let’s dive in and discover the best privacy screen protectors for your iPhone.

    1. ORIbox Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector For iPhone:

    • Brand – ORIbox
    • Compatible Devices – iPhone 11 & iPhone XR
    • Material – Tempered Glass
    • Special Features – Drop Resistant, Scratch Resistant

    The ORIbox Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector offers top-notch privacy features without compromising the clarity of your iPhone display. With its anti-spy technology, it ensures that your screen remains visible only to you, preventing prying eyes from accessing your sensitive information.

    The package includes two tempered glass screen protectors, providing an extra layer of security.

    2. Ailun 2Pack Privacy Screen Protector Compatible for iPhone:

    • Brand – Ailun
    • Compatible Devices – IPhone 13 Pro Max
    • Material – Glass
    • Special Features – 9H Surface Hardness

    The Ailun Privacy Screen Protector not only protects your iPhone’s screen from scratches and cracks but also ensures your privacy is safeguarded. It features an anti-spy private tempered glass film that narrows the viewing angle, preventing others from peeking at your screen.

    Additionally, the package includes two camera lens protectors to shield your camera lenses from scratches and smudges.

    3. SupCares Edge to Edge Privacy Tempered Glass for iPhone:

    • Brand – SupCares
    • Compatible Devices -iPhone 13, 13 Pro and 14
    • Material – Tempered Glass
    • Special Features – Anti-Shatter, Anti-Fingerprint, Bubble Proof, Scratch Resistant

    The SupCares Edge to Edge Privacy Tempered Glass offers comprehensive protection for your iPhone’s screen. Its edge-to-edge design ensures full coverage while maintaining privacy.

    The easy self-installation kit makes it convenient to apply the protector without any hassle. The sleek black design perfectly complements your iPhone’s aesthetics.

    4. Spigen EZ Fit Tempered Glass Screen Protector Guard for iPhone:

    • Brand – Spigen
    • Compatible Devices – iPhone 13, 13 Pro and 14
    • Material – Tempered Glass
    • Special Features – 9H Surface Hardness

    The Spigen EZ Fit Tempered Glass Screen Protector is designed to provide both privacy and durability. Its innovative privacy filter restricts the viewing angle, preventing visual hacking.

    With the EZ Fit technology, installation becomes a breeze, ensuring a bubble-free application. The package includes two protectors, offering value for money.

    5. Mr.Shield Privacy Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone:

    • Brand – Mr.Shield
    • Compatible Devices – iPhone 12 Series
    • Material – Tempered Glass, Ballistic Glass
    • Special Features – Privacy, Touch Sensitive, Anti-Shatter, Bubble Proof, Scratch Resistant

    The Mr.Shield Privacy Screen Protector offers edge-to-edge full coverage and a case-friendly design for iPhone 12. Its anti-spy tempered glass film keeps your screen visible only to you, protecting your privacy.

    The easy installation process ensures a hassle-free application, providing a smooth user experience.


    Privacy is a valuable asset in the digital age, and protecting it should be a priority. With the increasing use of smartphones for sensitive tasks, investing in a privacy screen protector is a wise decision. Among the top-rated options for iPhone, the ORIbox, Ailun, SupCares, Spigen, and Mr.Shield privacy screen protectors offer exceptional privacy features, durability, and ease of installation.

    By adding a privacy screen protector to your iPhone, you can browse, chat, and work with confidence, knowing that your information remains confidential. Choose the best privacy screen protector that suits your needs and keeps your privacy intact.

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