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How To Get Google One Membership For Free

    How to get google one for free

    Google One is a subscription best cloud storage service that provides its users with the facility to store their photos videos and other types of data securely in the cloud, the only requirement is that you have a device with an active internet connection.

    Although Google One offers many different types of storage plans such as 100 GB to 30TB and accordingly its price also varies.

    Below you can see the price chart of Google One

    • 100GB – 130 per month or ₹1,300 per year
    • 200GB – ₹210 per month or ₹2,100 per year
    • 2TB – ₹650 per month or ₹6,500 per year
    • 5TB – ₹1625 per month or ₹16,250 per year
    • 10TB – ₹3,250 per month
    • 20TB – ₹6,500 per month
    • 30TB – ₹9,750 per month

    By the way, for your information, let me tell you that Google One is not only known for its storage, but it also gives additional benefits to its customers, such as if you need any kind of technical help, then you can directly contact Google Expert.

    Along with this, you can also share your storage with your family member and the most surprising feature is that whenever you are booking a hotel for yourself, you also get an additional discount on many hotels or products.

    Yes I remember you are not come here to discuss the feature of Google One rather you want to know How to Get Google One For Free 

    How to Get Google One For Free 

    In this article, we will explain to you a very legit way where you will know how you can get Google One For Free by redeeming Flipkart’s SuperCoins.

    What is Flipkart’s SuperCoins?

    How to get google one for free

    As you all know that Flipkart is one of the biggest online shopping platforms from where you can buy a variety of things for yourself. And whenever you buy anything from Flipkart, it gives you SuperCoins as a reward which keeps adding to your SuperCoin account.

    Flipkart gives you 4 coins whenever you spend ₹100 on Flipkart and you can earn a maximum of 100 coins per order. 

    How to Get More Flipkart SuperCoins

    You can earn more SuperCoins by completing certain tasks on Flipkart, such as answering surveys, watching videos, or playing games. You can redeem your SuperCoins on various products and services, including Google One.


    How to Redeem Flipkart SuperCoin To Get Google One For Free?

    Step 1: Check Your Supercoins Balance

    Before redeeming Supercoins to get Google One For Free, you have to check your SuperCoins Balance on Flipkart. To check it you need to log in to your Flipkart account and click on the Supercoins Tab. Your Supercoins balance will be displayed there.

    You need to have 800 SuperCoins in your Account which is required to subscribe TimesPrime Membership For 12 months which lets you access Google One Membership For Free.

    Step 2: Go to the TimesPrime Redemption Page

    Once you have checked your Supercoins balance, go to the TimesPrime redemption page on Flipkart. You can find this page by searching for “TimesPrime” in the search bar on Flipkart.

    Step 3: Choose Your Plan

    On the TimesPrime redemption page, you will see the 12 months membership plan which you can avail of by redeeming with your Supercoins.

    Step 4: How to get Google One For Free

    You have to sign up for TimesPrime Account. Once you signed in to your TimesPrime Account, you can now avail lots of benefits including discounts on food delivery, movies, travel, Google One and more. With TimesPrime, you can significantly reduce your everyday spending.

    Step 5: Final Step to Get Google One Membership For Free

    Inside the TimesPrime App, you can see an option to get Google One Membership for 6 Months. Just click on that and sign in with your Gmail Account in which you want to get Google One For Free. 

    You need to follow a few instructions inside the TimesPrime App to get Google One For Free and here you go. Enjoy Google One Membership For Free For 6 Months.


    What is the benefit of Google One

    Some of the main benefits of Google One include:

    1. Additional storage space: With a Google One subscription, users can get additional storage space for their Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. This can be particularly helpful for users who have a lot of photos, videos, or other files that they need to store online.
    2. Access to Google experts: Google One subscribers have access to 24/7 support from Google experts who can help with any questions or issues they may have.
    3. Family sharing: Google One allows users to share their storage space with up to five other family members, making it easy to share files and photos with loved ones.
    4. Discounts on hotels: Google One subscribers can get discounts on select hotels when booking through Google.
    5. Google Play credit: Some Google One plans come with Google Play credit, which can be used to purchase apps, games, movies, and other content from the Google Play Store.
    6. VPN access: Some Google One plans include access to a VPN (virtual private network), which can help users stay secure and protect their privacy when using the internet.

    Overall, Google One can be a great option for users who need additional storage space and want access to a range of other benefits and features.


    Redeeming Supercoins to get Google One For Free is a great way to get additional storage and other benefits at no cost. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily redeem your Supercoins for Google One and start enjoying the benefits today.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Can I redeem Supercoins for Google One on Flipkart multiple times?

    Yes, you can redeem Supercoins for Google One multiple times, as long as you have enough Supercoins in your balance.

    Can I use Google One on multiple devices?

    Yes, you can use Google One on multiple devices, as long as you are signed in to your Google account on each device.

    Can I cancel my Google One subscription after redeeming Supercoins for it?

    Yes, you can cancel your Google One subscription at any time. However, you will not receive a refund for any Supercoins that you have redeemed for the subscription.

    Is there an expiry date for Supercoins on Flipkart?

    Yes, Supercoins on Flipkart have an expiry date. The validity of Supercoins varies depending on the type of activity through which they were earned. It's important to check the validity of your Supercoins before redeeming them for rewards.


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