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watchOS 10: Early Rumors of Apple New Watch

    WatchOS 10

    Several rumors were circulating about the features and changes that would come with watchOS 10, before its release. Some of the early rumors included:

    Improved Siri integration:

    WatchOS 10

    It was speculated that watchOS 10 would bring improved Siri functionality to the Apple Watch, allowing users to interact with the virtual assistant more seamlessly.

    New watch faces:

    WatchOS 10

    There were rumors that Apple would introduce new watch faces in watchOS 10, possibly including customizable options.

    Sleep tracking:

    WatchOS 10

    Many Apple Watch users were hoping for sleep tracking capabilities in watchOS 10, which would allow the device to monitor sleep patterns and provide insights on how to improve sleep quality.

    Third-party app improvements:

    WatchOS 10

    It was suggested that watchOS 10 would introduce new tools and APIs that would allow developers to create more sophisticated and feature-rich apps for the Apple Watch.

    Improved fitness tracking:

    WatchOS 10

    Some rumors suggested that watchOS 10 would bring new fitness tracking features to the Apple Watch, potentially including more advanced sensors and the ability to track a wider range of activities.

    Of course, not all of these rumors ended up being true, but many of them did come to fruition in some form or another when watchOS 10 was eventually released.

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